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Cab Dost is an Indian startup that helps cab drivers to file Income Tax Returns. The driver's community is not well aware of the returns they get at the end of the fiscal year. Cab Dost helps to bring awareness and file returns for them.


Product Consultant & UX/UI Designer




June 2018

Cab Dost requires a user end app to gather all details and documents from the cab drivers. It also need a admin end app that assists the agents to file returns for the drivers. The system scans the documents to extract required information for the Agent without any manual errors.


Started off with User Research for the product and its viability check. Once the results have arrived, I took the responses into consideration to design the user flows and the customer journey for the application.

A rough sketch of wireframes is drawn and analysed to understand and design the functions of a user and also defined the information architecture.

The user end application will have 9 screens during on-boarding & filling the application and 10 pages on the admin dashboard with multiple states to facilitate the agent.

Status Check

The minimal, clean design reflects the nature of understanding of an application by a cab driver, who has not used many apps like any other internet individual. Internet and application have been introduced to the masses in India after the recent surge of internet availability at cheap or free rates.


As the cab drivers commonly use Uber, Ola or other cab aggregator apps, I've studied how simple the design of these applications is. Considering their usage, they are more accustomed to or are pretty much aware of the design languages of these apps from black rectangles to loading GIFs, I've mostly used these cues from the already existing app that a driver is using to design the user end application for the drivers.

As a result, during the alpha testing of the application, the first driver who used the web application could simply use the app to fill his application within 3 minutes. Even though he doesn't know english, the familiarity to the header terms like Aadhar ID, Bank Account Number, which are quite evident at other places too, he could easily understand each section and its function.

Admin Dashboard

Cab Dost's agents need to have access to information required to copy and paste at a return filing site to complete the process. Until this product is live, the team used Excel sheets with colours, cell data as filters. The Excel sheets have less data security and are vulnerable to data loss due to unintended negligence. The dashboard helps at solving the first level problems as of this release.

Admin Dashboard

In the next phases of design and development, more problems will be solved. Some of them are vernacular language support, automated filing using India's ITR e-filing API, Payment gateway integration, provision to chat with the team.

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