I'm using a OnePlus mobile since 2014 when they first launched One. Though I first bought it for the Cyanogen Mod OS, after its departure, Oxygen OS has grown so well that OnePlus is know for it's OS in equal weight for its hardware.

I'm fascinated with what the Oxygen OS team is doing and I'm looking forward to add my contributions.

OnePlus conducted a PM Challenge in April - May 2019 and unfortunately I couldn't participate owing to my busy time during that month with one of our product launches. Regardless of recognition or competition, I'd like to work on improving the experience for OnePlus users. 

I'm open to ideas, just how OnePlus listens to its users. If you want me to work on a specific feature, shoot them to me, now. Fill the form below and we can discuss about what we can together design for the Community!

Never Settle.

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