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Spotify on OnePlus Shelf

Card on Shelf to let users start or continue listening to recommended playlists or podcasts and like the tracks they are listening to.


August 2021 - March 2022


Managed a team of design, development, testing, operations for brainstorming & conceptualising, analysing user feedback & conducting research, designing UX, UI, messaging, testing, release via play-store and launch the integration on community along with partner teams at Spotify.

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Spotify aimed to encourage users to start or continue sessions at minimal friction and onboard new users with a clear value proposition. Spotify also wanted users to pivot to other playlists or like the current tracks on this card.

We decided to create a card on Shelf to let more users know about recommended content and let them quickly switch playlists by opening the Shelf page over any app.

How it works?

All OnePlus users globally will be able to see Spotify card on Shelf in a 2x2 or 4x2 size which can be customised by their choice.

For a first user, who may not have Spotify installed, we would show the card with generic recommended content that allows them to download the app via playstore.

Existing users will be able to see the recommendations helping them to start picking from recommendations. Upon playing they have an option to like or choose another playlist or podcast.

Press Coverage

We iterated the product with initial feedback from our closed & open beta testing groups to improve the experience and fix initial bugs on the page. The early feedback allowed us to anticipate the known issues while our team has started working on the improvements even before it is released to mass production.


We announced the integration on OnePlus Forum, for community testing and feedback. Over iterations, the app was released to more users. 

We will be releasing to all OnePlus users based on further iterations.

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