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TEDx Gateway is India's biggest TEDx event that happens every year. In 2018, when the event happened in Mumbai, we showcased the stories of all the speakers who are attending the event in the form of timelines.




Adobe Illustrator



We prepared individual stories of all speakers on our product Tymline for all the attendees to refer. To make the communication easier to all the 2000 attendees who are coming to witness the day at NSCI Dome in Mumbai, we planned to share a link with all the stories in some format.


Though we've sent initial communication about all the speaker stories via email to the attendees, we were sceptic about attendees opening emails just to read the speaker stories during the event. We then felt the need of a tangible card in the hands of the attendees. 


So, I've designed a card with a QR code that each attendee can scan and access the link all day.

Final Version
Sample Version 01
Sample Version 02
Sample Version 03
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