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Tymline is a social web application that helps users to create multiple timelines of their choice and share them with anyone. Tymline helps to organise multiple media and links on a particular topic in chronological order.


Product Manager & UX/UI Designer


Adobe XD



I conceptualised the idea of Tymline, along with two of my friends who helped me build this product. While I've drafted the product's core intentions, the team helped me in drafting the product's narrative and build it.


We started working on this project in August 2017 when I began my work in finding the problems faced in representing information or data online. My core intentions for this product are to help any organisation, a startup or any individual to be able to create multiple timelines that he wishes to represent or showcase. 

Like for a startup, Tymline can be their product changelog, product feature pipeline or their segmented blog.

We have evolved Tymline from sketches to a visually appealing product in 4 months of time. Here are the different versions that I have designed for Tymline.

Version 0.1: Idea Conceptualisation
Version 0.2: Login Pages
Version 0.2.1: Login Pages

I have started trying multiple ways to represent the login pages, with dark and light themed versions. I defied the principles of designing web pages, or have not followed them to explore my inner design thinking and then started comparing the designs with existing websites and other designer's art work. While doing this, I have realised that I can do self learning by learning from the mistakes that I do. This led me to know the differences from the Industry standard.

Version 0.2.2: Login Pages

Have decided this version of the design language to be appealing good visually and solving the basic necessities of a signup page from understanding a text input box to understanding where to go if the user doesn't have information that he has to provide.

Have dug deeper to design the rest of the pages, in similar fashion.

Version 0.2.2: Explore Page
Version 0.2.2: Tymline Page

Though I have arrived at placing the elements and all components necessary for the page, I felt there was some sort of design discrepancy in following the design language I intended to follow.

Version 0.2.3: Explore Page
Version 0.2.3: Profile Page
Version 0.2.3: Tymline Page

The designing of individual components like a post component, or the tymline page header component took effort in deciding the content representation visually.

Version 0.2.3: Tymline Page
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