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Using Mobile Phone

Shipping software products to millions of users globally. 🌏

Introducing products, building concepts, and improving the experience for mobile users at the operating system level with new features. Shipped products to North America, Europe, India, SEA regions for B2B, B2C segments in early, growth-stage startups.

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Zomato & Swiggy


Partnered with 🤝 Zomato & Swiggy to show delivery status on AOD for all OnePlus & OPPO users in India. Zomato & Swiggy are the top 2 leading food delivery ecosystems in India. When users order on their mobiles, they no longer have to unlock the phone to know their delivery information. A slight glance at the phone gives them the status until their food is delivered. This feature is launched in February 2023 on OS13.

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Spotify x Shelf

Partnered with 🤝 Spotify to introduce a card on Shelf for all OnePlus users globally to start or switch albums or podcast, with top Spotify recommendations. While playing any track, you can also ‘heart’ it,  to adding it effortlessly to your Spotify Liked Songs playlists.


OnePlus Shelf

A widget app for OnePlus apps & tools like Toolbox, Notes, along with IOT cards like Buds noise controls. Shipped v3.0 on Oxygen OS12, app has improved entry point that allows users to open Shelf over any app which increased the MAU 4x 📈 and released SDK 🧑‍💻 for partner apps to develop on Shelf. 

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OnePlus Scout

A global search application to help users search for data on-device like contacts, documents along with content online like movies, songs, and in-app pages. Shipped v2.0 on Oxygen OS12, improved the visualisation which resulted in increase of CTR 2x 📈 and released to new markets 🚀 🌎NA 🌍EU.

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Nearby Charging Stations

🚀 Shipped Nearby Charging Station service that notifies OnePlus users within proximity of an airport about availability of charging stations. Developed, collaborated with hardware, service designed installation process and released at BIAL.

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Station 91

🚀 Launched Stn91, a learning app for Startup Founders, Product Managers and UI/UX Designers in multiple formats like articles, videos, podcasts etc. Designed product v1.0, Released on Playstore.

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🚀 Cofounded Imux, a Natural Language interface for Databases. Users can search company databases with simple english instead of writing complex SQL queries. 💰 Raised seed investment, designed product and acquired initial customers from India & SE-Asia regions. 🌏

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